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The First One October 21, 2008

Posted by dakotabiker in Introductions.

It all started with a Twitter… Well, more or less. 

Having enjoyed the opportunity to share my thoughts and actions, I have begun to have the urge to share at more than 140 characters a pop.  Ah, but what to share…

I had loosely “maintained” a website for several years, which has become incredibly outdated and static.  The content varied as my interests waxed and waned.  I had pages on woodworking, travel, backyard wildlife, spacecraft power systems (i.e. former work), witticism collections… I will have to go back as see what is worth salvaging. 

Since that time I made a few more transitions and now pretty much work (NASA HQ) and ride (2006 Harley Dyna Wideglide).  So I’m pretty sure this blog will revolve around those areas, but I respectfully request your indulgence as I “find myself” in this medium. 

When I maintained the old site, and every one of a dozen times I have started a journal, I have faced the same set of questions.  Why am I doing this?  Is this to be “therapeutic”? Instructional? Informative?  About what should I write?  For whom should I put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard)? Is this for me? For posterity? For evidence files? <g>  Just how candid or personal can I, or should I, be? 

Twitter has somewhat helped calibrate a few of those answers.  Somewhat…

So this will most likely be a blog about Harley Riding and Space Exploration (mostly riding) – in general.  But could as easily end up being 300-word twitters – which of course is not really RSS-worthy fodder.  So please be tolerant of the growing pains…  And let me know what you think…  I will try to find my theme sooner than later, and will attempt to keep career-limiting rants and non-sequitor ramblings to a minimum.



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