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Coast to Coast Day 1: Oh Canada! July 2, 2009

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A pretty uneventful ride so far.  Made it from Maryland through the SW corner of Pennsylvania into Ohio following I-76 and I-80 west.   It kind of galled me to ride the exact same Interstate route that I took two years ago on my ride to Sturgis.  But my objective was to put a lot of miles under me quickly at the start of the trip, so I could be more leisurely out west.

I hit rain about 30 miles before Ohio and rode through about 40-45 miles of it.  It was much colder than I expected.  The chaps went on early (to think I almost didn’t bring them).  Fortunately I had the sense (for a change) to pull over after the first light rain to put on the rain gear over my leathers.  It was still chilly, and my hands and feet got a bit wet, but quite manageable.  Only about 5 miles of really hard driving rain with about 3-second visibility.  The rest was steady with a lot of road spray.  I was pretty much dried out as I approached Toledo. 

I was in a quandry about where to spend the night.  On my 2007 Sturgis ride, I had a really great time with a couple of other bikers I met in Toledo at a bar right across from the Mud Hens stadium on game day.  I then camped out west of town.  I debated whether to stop again in Toledo, try Detroit, or press on toward Indiana.  At the last rest stop before Toledo I pulled in to check my maps and happened upon a guy from the Gunfighters MC in New York who was through-riding from NY to Detroit to visit family.    By the time I was done talking with him, I was convinced not only to get into Michigan, but press on to Windsor, Ontario.  Fortunately, I brought my passport “just in case” knowing I could be close to Canada (and maybe Mexico – we’ll see). 

The rest stop had local weather displaying so I felt confident enough to ditch the rain gear, had a cup of coffee, and headed out.  I took I-280 to I-75 into Detroit getting off at Ambassador Bridge into Canada.  I was amused by the $4 ” fee of admission” (the bridge toll). 

After sitting in line for long enough turn off the bike a duck-walk it, I arrived at the boarder guard who didn’t seem too jazzed at letting this biker into his country.  I guess my saying “just to say I’ve been here” wasn’t on the approved list of reasons to come in.  After typing my plates into his computer and querying me about my heavily packed bike, he let me pass. 

I was hoping for a big “Welcome to Ontario, Canada” sign where I could get my ABCs picture, but there was nothing that I could safely pose the bike for.  I kept heading up the road and at least got an official Ontario sign at a visitor’s center.  You’d think that would be enough for both the Ontario point as well as the Canada point.  But since the sign didn’t say “Canada” I didn’t want to risk losing the point after coming so far, and I headed further up the road.

Fatigue was starting to set in, so I decided to just spend the night here in Canada.  I checked into a Comfort Inn (too tired to find a camp ground to sleep in the cold).

I suppose my next steps are to find a post office to get my ABC’s picture, get dinner and a beer and head to bed.  I will have an early morning tomorrow.  I intend to ride across Michigan to Muskegon to catch the 10:45 ferry to Milwaukee – so it will be early to bed tonight.

(Last night, while cutting maps onto SD cards I started a wrap-up blog for the LRO/LCROSS launch trip to Florida.  Maybe I could work on that tonight…  we’ll see.)



1. Diane Jarrett - July 2, 2009

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – thank goodness for chaps! I’m so jealous. At least you don’t have to “dry” your boots on the air conditioner unit. I can’t wait to see what happens tomorrow.

BTW – since I saw your blog on here, I started my own. I haven’t put anything on it yet. But I will.

Take care and ride safe.


2. kat - July 7, 2009

you should post your wrap-up notes from your florida trip – would love to hear about it.

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