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C2C Ride: Some numbers July 31, 2009

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Trip wrap-up is still in the works… but here are a few numbers for those of you who like such things…

Between the two loops I had travelled 10,553 miles bringing my odometer to 44,531. 

3200 miles was to attend the LRO/LCROSS launch, but a breakdown in Florida forced a ride extension to make a meeting in Huntsville, AL that I could no longer fly to.  The Florida loop marks my southern-most excursion on the bike in Sebastian, Florida at a latitude of N27 °49.1491′. 

7,353 miles was the loop to California.  This loop marks my northern-most point in Boardman, Oregon at latitude N45° 50.4500′ and my farthest west point in Wolf Creek, Oregon at longitude W123° 23.6230′.


I was on the road a total of 47 days: 21 on the Florida loop (much of which working LRO/LCROSS while in Florida), and 26 days on the California loop (including a short-week family reunion in wine country).  I had a total of 4 days at home between the two trips, so while my C2C Blog day count is only for the California vacation portion, I tend to count both loops as I single trip for totals.

During the combined trip I was in 2 countries, 35 states, and 1 province. and traveled the coasts of 2 oceans.  I accumlated 62 ABC points (14 on the FL loop, 48 on the CA loop) bring my current 2009 total to 90 points (which gets all the free stuff but a big margin, but is no where close to winning the awards for the top 3 + 10 runners up). 

I had 2 breakdowns significant enough to warrant a trailer (both on the Florida loop), and made a total of 5 service stops including:

  • 35,000 mile service (FL)
  • Fuel pump replacement (FL #2)
  • Battery replacement (AL)
  • Taillight terminal board replacement (SD)
  • Tire replacement (SD)
  • 38,000 mile (interim optional) service  (SD)
  • 40,000 service including fork oil replacement (CA)
  • Jiffystand realignment (CA)
  • Fuel check valve replacement (CA)

And am now due for 45,000 service shortly.

I stayed in 26 hotels/motels/resorts, 1 campground, and 2 homes of relatives for 30 different waking up locations over 51 days (including home). 

I won a total of $191 dollars and three $15 dollar bar tabs in four sessions of gambling, and had my room comp’d in Vegas.

I had three (official) interactions with three law enforcement officers resulting in one warning for speeding, one verbal notice of my taillight being out, and one citation for speeding. 

I experienced two bouts of heat exhaustion (curiously coincident with the speeding violations), and saw the highest temperature in which I had ridden, 115°F. 

I had four paid admissions to National Parks and Monuments, and countless free-access rides to many more National forest, preserve, nature, and historical areas. 

I traveled by motorcycle, ferry, train (the Wine Train), and bus (when the Wine Train broke down).  I went to four museums. 

I ate 5 ribeyes, and an embarrassing amount of fast food.  I discovered a penchant for Red Bull.

I only lost one shirt, and bought 6.  I shipped to myself a total of 4 times (twice on the Florida loop to accommodate the volume of work-related luggage, and twice on the CA loop to unfetter myself of purchases and unused camping gear). 

Cost?  I probably won’t even try to figure out how much I spent.

Up next… the Wrap Up.



1. Sandra - Rusty44 - August 7, 2009

Glad you added the map. Good visual of just how far you rode.
Enjoyed reading your blog as you traveled, you kept it interesting.
Our country is one to be in awe of, and glad others think the same.

2. Lone Star Rider - August 25, 2009

Really had a great time reading about your trip. Thanks for sharing!

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